PSP Battery Kit

Does anyone know where I can get one of these?


It doubles the battery life of the psp slim and is compatible with the 3000, but it does bulge a bit.

I tried to buy it from Amazon.com but it would not allow me to get it.

I also tried ebay but all I saw were fake batteries and not this official sony kit.

Any help is appreciated


I doubt that it's a Sony product in that link.
You can get a similar thing from dealextreme.com

Battery: 2200maH Battery for ]$5.20

Battery cover: Black battery cover for PSP slim to fit PSP Phat battery ]$3.20

This will give you a battery and two covers(One extended & one regular) for a Black Sony PSP Slim and Lite for a sum total of $8.40 which I guess is around £5.60

If it has to be Sony, then you'd be better off calling Sony for a price(0845 6000124).

Original Poster

My link is an official sony product, it's sold by Amazon.com.

Sony sells those battery kit in America but I don't think they sell them here yet.

I would buy it from dealextreme but I know the battery will be fake so it will not keep it's charge as good as an official sony battery.

I might buy the cover from there though if I find an original battery on it's own
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