PSP CFW or Go! Help wanted and appreciated

    I've been wanting a PSP for a while now and -almost- purchased a Go model off Zavvi but they sold out while I was making up my mind, a quick search on here and I see CFW PSP's are still about.

    So I was wondering how difficult is it to get hold of a Customizable 200X or 300X?

    I'm looking to get either a (preferably) brand new one and do the deed myself with some guidance or buy a secondhand one already done, though the latter presents a problem as I am -extremely- fussy about scratches on the screen.

    Are there any PSP guru's that could point me in the direction of guides or known customizable PSP's? Your help would be hugely appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    If you get a brand new one it won't be fully hackable meaning you'll ned to re-install the CFW everytime you fully switch it off. If you want a slim you need to try and source one of the early ones.

    Custom Firmware Installation will tell you everything you need to know

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that link, reading through the info now

    Are you or anyone else able to suggest where I might be able to get a brand new 200X psp from and any easy way to tell if it's CFW friendly without opening it up etc.

    I've been wondering the same thing!

    When they discontinued the old 1000 and 2000 they priced them to clear so you will be lucky to find new stock. Good second hand might be your only option. Partially hacking a 3000 and leaving the PSP in standby isn't that bad though.

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    How does that work? And is it doable on all 3000 models?

    I've been trawling Ebay but its a minefield of scratched screens, not clearly listed models etc etc
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