PSP connection problem to wifi..IP address

    Trying to connect sons PSP to Wifi.
    We have switched WLAN to on so thats not a problem.
    Created the connection Entered WEP code.
    It then says its getting the IP address.
    We then get...the attempt to obtain the IP address has timed out.
    Has anyone any ideas..not good with IP addresses.
    Thanks in advance.


    make sure your dhcp server is switched on on your router. also check the wep code because if you enter it incorrectly on some devices it will think it's connected but then won't get an IP etc. (this shouldn't happen using WPA, and if you can change to WPA you should because it's a lot more secure - not compatible with the DS tho, if you have one of those)

    does it keep looping round, before timing out?
    if so i had this problem, when I used WPA encryption. Turns out I chose the wrong WPA (as there are 2) and once i changed this in settings, the wifi worked.

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    Think we have sorted it...i inputed the IP manually putting the last digit different to our other things. Someone once told me i had to do that if i remember correctly.
    It seems to be working now as its doing an update...
    Worrying thing though its seems to be WEP not WPA...we have both a PS3, a PSP and a DSi. Is this something i should be worried about from a security point of view.


    you just need to reset your router because its trying to give it an ip address thats already taken by ps3 or pc or something.....

    wouldnt worry too much about security on ur consoles

    wpa2 is slightly more secure can change it in your router security settings but obviously if you do that you will have to change anything else to it that connects to the router.....laptop etc

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    Thanks guys i have repped you all.
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