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    Would you please tell me about the better verison of PSP, i want to buy one for my nephew but i have no idea about this consoles as they are vary in the prices!
    Thanks for your help


    you might want to correct your title

    psp 1000 was the first to be released it will be the cheapest average between £40 - £60 (i got mine two years ago for £60)

    All the versions of the psp do the same thing you can also put firmware on them so you can play games from a memory card. The older versions are fatter and are referred to as psp phat the newer versions are slimmer. You can also get psp go but advise you to avoid that. Just buy the cheapest one you can get if you look on ebay you can normally buy them with firmware already installed and loads of games on discs. My son has over 300 games for his psp. If unsure google it there are lots of psp forums.

    First thing you need to do is get an emergency appointment from your GP. Get yourself checked out.


    After posting questions here, do you ever bother to check the replies?

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    sorry for that, really i got confuseddddddddddd

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    many thanks for all comments, kept me laughing for a while, hahhaha
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