PSP - Dark Alex Firmware

    Am looking to purchase a PSP. It will be mainly used to play movies etc, rather than for gaming.

    I have seen various reference to firmware and 'home brewable' upgrades on this site.

    Can any version of firmware be upgraded using Dark Alex, or do I have to look for a specific version.

    I'm assuming this upgrade will allow me to play films, TV programmes that I have saved onto a memory card?


    Majority of older psp's can be upgraded but not all. The latest Dark Alex firmware is 3.40 (but any will do). The upgrade has to be done from a 1.5 firmware and have the old version of GTA, but you also have to check the chip as I think there is a problem with the v0.81/2 chips.

    You can downgrade from a higher firmware to 1.5 but be very careful as there is A LOT of fake downgraders that will screw ur psp.

    You will be better off getting an already upgraded psp if you can. Remember it is very easy to screw up your psp if you do it wrong but the older the psp the better.

    If the price is right I could be pursuaded to sell my v3 psp with DA firmware on it email me on [email protected] if ur interested.


    Any psp with firmware upto 2.81 can be upgraded to Dark Alex's 3.4 oe firmware. 1.5 and 2.71 are easier to do but 2.81 can be done with an unpatched copy of grand theft auto liberty city stories.

    Btw, you do not need to use a "homebrew" firmware to play movies, Sony's pre-installed firmware allows you to play any video file on your memory stick as long as it's in MP4 format, but this isn't really a problem as there a various Mp4 converters available to download for free.
    The pre-installed firmware also allows you to listen to wma and mp3 music files.
    Hope that helped

    u can downgrade up to version 3.03 at the moment using an unpatched vesion of GTA LCS

    just buy one thats already done for you. saves any worries you may have about buying the right one and flashing.
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