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    Hi all Im surprised not to see any input here about the new PSP. I have been looking for one for awhile mostly from importers as they were hard to find in the UK but they are becoming more available every day. So my request is does anyone know of a bargain with these little beauties.


    I think almost everyone has been getting them in from Hong Kong. I did see a deal the other day for one imported from Canada through DVDSoon also but I think it went up in price. As for UK deals I haven't seen any yet but we must be able to dig some up1!!

    This really is a tremendous offer over at expansys on a PSP…PSP

    £163 (inc. VAT) which includes royal mail special delivery!!

    Anyone who doesnt' have one, should grab one now

    Pcword are doing them on pre-order for 179.99, or £171 if the 5% discount code works

    Also available at play (Jap version for delivery now) at the same price.

    I strongly suggest you don't buy an imported one!
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