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Found 16th Jul 2008
My psp is version 3.40 and i would like it to have custom firmware - thing is im going away on monday and would like it done by then. could someone provide me with links on how to do this or would someone be kind enough to do it for me by monday (well saturday)

Any got any help - Please.

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It may help if you stated where you are?

Original Poster

North east - Durham area

I have a kit for sale so you can do it and however many more PSP's you want for £20?

Original Poster

Too much mate...Only have 1 psp. lolz

ok do you have lumies by any chance as the lumines games a flaw in it which allows downgrade from 3.50 firmware

Original Poster

Nah i have GTA buty it appears to be no good

gta only works on the 3.03 firmware there are 2 things you can do 1 if you can rent a copy of lumines or know or know someone who has it order you will have to buy a pandora battery pack unless you know someone who has a psp on custome firmware you can get them to make you for you as you can reverse changes on battery and memory stick once your finished with them

Original Poster

i know someone with 3.03OE firmware - how easy is it to make a copy?

it is quite easy all you need is preferlably a spare battery and memory stick but you can undo settings afterwards there are loads of videos on youtube on how to make pandoras battery or yoiu can goto they have a detailed video on how to do this heres the page for the video…/35 pandoras was orginally an unbricker but it was disovered that it could downgrade any psp even the new slim ones
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