PSP Faceplate?

    Hi my psp screen is cracked Not sure if it the faceplate or not..
    If i buy a faceplate off ebay, is it the type that i can put my finger straight through where the screen is, or does it have a plastic bit on?
    Hope that makes sense!


    Has the plastic thing on it but i dont recommend it as i did it and got dust on the screen and could never get it off - plus the faceplate didnt fit very well --- worth a go but be careful when you do it

    hmm -- the question is, what were you doing when the screen cracked? *grin

    I repalced the faceplate on my son's psp form ebay and was very pleased with it. It had the plastic screen. I bought off ************…ahk and it came quickly. Just one thing. Re-Use the existing buttons rather than the supplied ones as I found them to be better. Also, to remove the face plate, look up in U TUBE as there is one screw hidden under a label in the battery compartment and the U Tube video shows you where they are (also you do not have to remove them all).
    Hope this helps

    Just another note. I see that you think it might not be the faceplate. Well if it wasn't and it was the LCD, the LCD would run (big black blotch), and you need a new screen. I also replaced the screen in my other son's psp (twins) and that was easy too - took 15 mins but now I have done one i could do next in 5 mins. The U Tube video also shows you how to do that and you can pick up a screen for around £21 - £24 or so on ebay. NB make sure it is the one with the back light otherwise you have to strip off the back light from existing - too complicated and definately not worth saving about £1.50
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