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Hey, Im just wondering if anyone with more knowledge in the area can help me out. Ive got a fatty PSP with 1.5 and Id like to get to 3.90m33 but cant for the life of me figure out how. Any help appreciated

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The safest and best method (that I know of) is called a "Pandora Battery"

You either buy a special Pandora Battery (]http//ww…8-3) or you can covert a battery to work as a Pandora (slightly more complicated and a 2nd PSP needed.
This will boot the PSP into service mode.

You then need a Memory Card must be at least 256MB which is Magic Gate Supported (says on it), which you can download the custom firmware and follow some simple instructions to set-up, via connecting the PSP to your PC.

Put both in the PSP and jobs done

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Ive used the PSP and MMS, Now Im at 1.5 with no clue how to get to 3.90 lol

Hmm.... the MMS I created used 3.70 which then can use the network updater to get 3.90

Don't know about a MMS of 1.5 although there are a few people here with much more experise than me or ask in the PSP part of AVForums, there a helpful bunch.

Apologises for reading your question wrong

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No worries

this a good ]site with some tutorials for you

if you have pandora and the magic memory stick i was under the impresion you could either boot down to 1.5 or up to custom firmware

which menu did you choose to load

Despertar Cementerio 3:
Upgrade all psp phat's and slim's to 3.71M33-2
Back up Nand & reinstall

Hellcats' Menu:
Boot to 1.50 firmware from memory stick
Fix Flash 1.
Boot to original Pandora V1
Various utilities with booting to 1.5 firmware on phat psp only.
Upgrade to 3.52M33
Access USB through menu.

TheJokers Menu:
Upgrade a psp phat only to 3.71M33-2 using Despertar Cementerio 3. It can
only do the phat psp's due to the 1.5 firmware limitation.
Boot to original Pandora V1
Simple IPL Patch
Run Key Cleaner
Run IDstorage Manager
Run PSP Filer

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The MMS I used only gave the option to downgrade or backup..


The MMS I used only gave the option to downgrade or backup..

have a look at the website in the previos post you can easily make a magic memory stick with upgrade features quite easy to do but just read it carefully

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Ill give it a go
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