Found 14th Oct 2007
I'm looking to buy a PSP slim and lite, and have a second chance offer for one on eBay, so just looking for a bit more information before I commit.

If i wanted to play with the PSP on my tv what other cables do i need? I have a lead (not sure what it's called), but it allows me to connect and play my ipod videos and mp3's on my tv. Can i use this with my PSP or do I need another cable?

Also, the PSP comes with some games pre-loaded on the memory card. Anyone know of somehwere I could get more games to pre-load onto the memory card? I'm assuming if they're pre-loaded on the card then I don 't have to carry game discs with me?? How many games could you fit on a 2GB card?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice

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2 game scn prob fit on a mem card. depends if they are rips or not. The leads cost like 15 pound for tv to psp. I think you should buy it.
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