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    Okay, I ordered a PSP Slim & Lite last night and should come tuesday.

    Just wondering if its possible with the S&L to downgrade the firmware to play backups?
    or by doing it any way to play backups?


    Yeah can be done, do a search on google, I was going to buy one a while back and found a site that told you how to do it, cant remember the name of it now, maybe or something like that?

    Hi mate,

    When you get your psp, Log onto [url][/url] and go onto the live chat. Lots of people there are very helpful. I think it's only possible to downgrade the S & L with pandoras battery, not 100% sure though ;-)


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    Is that a firmware downgrade?

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    Thanks How much is Pandoras battery?


    Thanks How much is Pandoras battery?

    You really need to know someone who has a psp already running custom firmware. You then need a spare battery to make a pandora battery. Be careful though. Not all batteries are able to be turned into a pandora battery.

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    I've read how to do it with the wire.

    Would I need an official sony battery or oculd i buy a cheap one?

    some guy on here was offering his for free just pay postage cant rememba the thread.

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    Ahh, it'd be great if you could find it for me!
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