PSP help

    I dont know if i am allowed to ask this here but here goes

    I put a game onto my memory stick but when i try to play the psp it says there are no games on the memory stick

    Could anyone help me?

    the psp is on version 3.80


    is it in .iso or.cso format? did you format the memory card on the psp first? have you put the games in the right folder?

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    the game is in iso format (what difference does it make if its in cso format? im new to all this)

    nor did i format the memory stick, again how do i do this

    i put the games into the folder named games which i got to by clicking on the psp folder is this the right one?

    Thank you for the swift reply

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    got it sorted thanks to mike beaver for his help

    If I had known you were posting in a thread I would have come here to help you, much easier than talking through PM, rofl.

    Glas you got it all sorted out now.

    Oh yeah by the way, if you want to update that PSP to the latest custom firmware just flick the WiFi switch on and go to the network update thingy-magig, you can update to custom firmware 3.90 m33 directly that way (although there isnt much point at the moment tbh)


    not much point, what about the skype YEAH free/cheap calls but to be honest you do need a mic for this
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