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    I was thinking of gifting a PSP to a cousin of mine. I wanted to know wheres the best deal I could get and also I have noticed about people commenting on the firmware of the PSP?

    What is all this about? and is there advice on what firmware the PSP, should be which I want to buy?

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    I have 3 second hand 1.5s they are the best because they play games from the mem card,

    prices as follows

    2gb card
    140 del

    new 2gb card
    150 del

    512 card
    64 card
    130 del

    Amazon appear to be the cheapest at the moment with the base pack at £134.99, also I believe the firmware can be updated by inserting a UMD game disc which will prompt you to update your system if required, all necessary software is on the disc. hope this helps.:)

    DON'T update from the UMD games, you are after a psp with firmware no higher than 2.80. then it can be downgraded to 1.5 and upgraded to 3.xx firmware, this is custom firmware (not official) and will allow you to get the most out of a psp. pm me if you need more help

    How can you tell which version you have?

    go to settings > system settings > system information.

    staffie bull how do u actually update to 3.xx firmware if im on 1.5?


    staffie bull how do u actually update to 3.xx firmware if im on 1.5?

    Go to google and search for "3.03 oe". The pages you find will tell you everything you need to know.

    will it brick my psp?

    Always a chance a PSP will brick on updating.

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