Psp Help Again!!!

    lol im so dumb!

    i downloaded psp video 9 but it gave me all sorts of problems started messing my pc up!

    ANyway i need a psp converter or something which i can use to play my divx.avi films on to my psp, what would i need and how do u change the settings so i can put it on the psp, just want to test using a small file!

    Finally if there are any good tutorials for newbies on to the psp 1.5 scene that would be good as long as there isnt too much info!


    Again this is not a Deal Request mate, i'll help you no problem but put it in Misc or Random for these sort of questions!

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    Bob Its In Misc Now!


    Lol Bob Its In Misc Now!

    Bob? lol will stream avi and most other formats to your psp via wifi

    PSP Movie Creator also works well but it not free

    I use AVS video converter, it's not free but will convert just about any format to any other format. ]http//ww…com
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