psp homebrew games where can i get them from????

psp homebrew games where can i get them from????
free would be best but would consider a site with a one off fee if the site is good
thanks ppl


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thanks for the site , what files are the psp games coz i think theres alot of rubbish out there?? and also what part of the psp do i download to??? before you say the memory stick i mean which part under what file??

No idea mate, i just came across them when i was browsing the site! soz

the best place for psp homebrew in general is…106

Don't know too much about games section but have used the app section in the past - really good and simple to download.

Ain't this Piracy / Warez / Illegal!?

Homebrew is technically home made games so no not illegal. Though pirated games are, so depends which they want really, if its the latter then this thread will no doubt be deleted soon. If its the first one then they can request as much as they want.

Homebrew is not illegal, as the loophole is called "backup games" which means if you were caught with all these copied games, they would have to prove that you don't own them.
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