PSP Memory stick help

Can anyone help?

When I go on my psp and click on video/music etc it says "The memory stick cannot be read" and tells me to format it so I go to format it and it doesn't work.

The memory stick has worked fine upto now.

Anyone know how to fix the problem.


May sound like i'm taking the p!ss, but is the stick in properly? (clicked in)
Have you another one to try to see if same problem with that also?
Have you got a card reader to put it in & check if pc can read it?

Might be the type of file that your music/films are made from and the psp can't read/detect them, This is just a guess I have no idea what i'm talking about.

Good point spamdog.
Depends what files you are trying to play. Are they .mp3 & etc, or video files converted for the psp?

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I plugged it into my computer and it knows it 4GB so but then says I need to format it so I try and it fails.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Managed to get it working.


Glad to hear it, just been googling psp format error, seems to be a few hits on this subject.
Should be able to format it on the psp:
Push the little HOME button on the bottom left of the face of the unit.
Use the arrow keys to move to the SETTINGS area, then move the up and down keys until you get to System Settings.
Once you are there, click on the "X" button and scroll up and down as needed to find Format Memory Stick. Click on "X" again to select that option.
The Sony PSP will now confirm that you want to reformat the memory stick (which removes every file and game save thereon, of course): choose yes and it'll format in just a few seconds.
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