PSP Mic/Headphones

    Looking for these so i can use with skype....

    I found one on amazon for £13 however delivery is 2-5 weeks and i don't want to wait that long..

    Can anyone help me find one? Even if its cheap and flimsy.

    Ahh put this in wrong forum


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    The psp only has one slot. thats for headphones.

    I'm watching a wireless one on eBay which is for Socom for psp.

    soo that might work.

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    I'll try my luck on the eBay one i think then enquire another somehwer eelse.…160
    thats the socom game and the wired headset for £8
    cant see why it wouldnt work

    skype on psp ?


    skype on psp ?


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    Yes Hustler, slime lite only though.

    Im off to bed now anyway, college at 10:45.


    i got 6th form at 8am lol.

    Oh well i never use skype.


    i got 6th form at 8am lol.Oh well i never use skype.

    Never use skype and your a ' MOBILE GENIUS ' , thats half the point of wi-fi on a mobile!:thumbsup:

    i only said is spitefully because i couldnt use it on psp phat lol. I use skype occasionally because i hardly know any people who use it plus free minutes get used more. Only case i use it if internationally.

    Sorry was been pedantic again!…-v/

    £1.99 plus delivery. don't know if they'll work withPSP though...

    courtesy of Edi
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