PSP or DS lite

    Just looking for a bit of advice. Starting my Christmas shopping early!

    Which would be the best choice for a 7 year old boy a PSP or a DS Lite.

    I have no idea about things like :roll: and would value your opinions.

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


    I have both and would definitely recommend the DS. My 8 year old brother and 7 year old step sister both have one each and absolutely adore the DS. I honestly can't imagine them playing on a PSP for some reason.

    Do you know what handheld consoles his friends have, or what his preference is?

    IMO I would say get a DS Lite purely going on his age, and that PSP seems to more have games catering for an older demographic.


    For a 7 year old the DS is the best.

    DS Lite for sure, far more games that a 7 year old would enjoy, I'm not talking games like Dora the Explorer (but there is a lot of those types) but mario and fun games like that

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    Do you know what handheld consoles his friends have, or what his … Do you know what handheld consoles his friends have, or what his preference is?

    Basically his friends have an equal mix of both. He has mentioned wanted a PSP but I think that's because his best friend has just got one but he is 10 year old. But based on all of the above posts I think I will go for the DS.

    Thanks everyone for the input. Will rep accordingly :thumbsup:

    Based on the games I would say DS

    There is an update to the current PSP due out in Sept., so I wouldn't buy one of them right now as there are are likely to be some deals to shift the current model to make way for the new.

    Anyway, as others have said a DS lite may be better for the seven year old boy. I have children of 7 & 9 and they enjoy their DSs - I don't think I have ever seen any of their friends with a PSP, so expect it is marketed at older and "big" kids.

    Can't really imagine anyone playing the best games (Lumines/Metal Gear/Tekken/WipeOut/Ridge Racer/Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins/GTA/Virtua Tennis etc. - Maybe Loco Roco at a push) at the age of seven.

    As a portable device, I think the DS is better designed - the fold over design means it's well protected when not in use, it has better batterylife and the cartridges can take a beating. For this alone I think the DS is a better choice for the younger audience.

    The main advantage of the PSP I find is the price of games, they tend not to hold their value which means a lot of games can be picked up cheap. I find DS games tend to be harder to get for lower prices.


    Ds all the way. We have both here with a great selection on games and the DS gets more use than anything.

    Don't forget - the DS is backward compatible - so you can use the specific 2 screen games on DS format as well as any previous gameboy games (which will allow for a greater age range and can be picked up pretty cheaply:thumbsup: ).

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    Thanks very much everyone, much appreciated.

    Any game recommendations??

    by a r4 catridge for the ds and download games but u "must" own them first


    Thanks very much everyone, much appreciated.Any game recommendations??

    If he likes animals - Nintendogs

    DS all the way, and as said get a R4, and a 2 gig SD card and put loads of games on it.

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    Again thanks everyone. Apparently I have given out too much rep in the last 24 hours but will get round to all of you tomorrow :thumbsup:

    Sorry to hijack this thread but...........

    What do you all think about psp vs ds lite for web browsing? From what I understand the psp comes with a web browser but for ds lite I would need to purchase the browser. Over that I don't know too much more detail - I've watched a few youtube videos and ds lite looks easier with the screens and stylus for browsing... but does anyone has any experience with either of these?

    PSP is better for web browsing, DS is very slow for it I've tried both but if I were going to use the internet on one of them I would choose the PSP

    is that just based on speed that you prefer psp for web browsing?

    Speed, better resolution for reading, flash support, and it's not that much harder to browse than the DS, text input takes longer though

    OK thanks for the info.
    Would it be worth waiting for the new psp or do you think there will probably not be significant difference with web browsing on the new psp from the old psp?

    I doubt there will be much of a difference, there is more RAM on the new one but I don't think it'll effect websites much


    DS Lite for sure, "brain age" is good for the kids!
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