Hi just wanted to know if normal psp batterys for the fat psp fit in the slim and lite console. As i wanted to buy the Datel pandora battery but they only have it for fat psp so wanted to know if this could work.

    Thanks for your help


    Yes but you can't close the battery cover on the slim and lite.

    yes. it will work but the memory stick has to be properly formatted. the psp slim will not support firmware 1.5. Go to to buy a complete set(battery and memory stick) guaranteed to work on any psp out there.

    You can get official Datel Tool batteries in two sizes - 1800mAh for the PSP Classic and 1200mAh for the PSP Slim. 1800mAh sized batteries will work in the PSP Slim but as pointed out you won't be able to fit the battery cover.
    Standard Datel batteries can be converted to Tool (Pandora's) batteries.
    You can buy Pandora's Battery and Datel Tool batteries from The Phiine shop at ]http//ww…hop and also pre-formatted Magic Memory Sticks in various sizes.
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