PSP question.....again

    So the sale of the other PSP fell through, so I'm looking at one on gumtree now. It's black, phat, comes with charger and one game (need for speed most wanted).

    I've bartered the guy down to £50. Does this sound like a good deal? I know I'm going to have to buy a memory card and not overly interested in the game. But what does everyone think, good deal?


    I bought one from Game a week or so ago and paid £60 without a game so seems a good deal to long as it's in good nic...mine looks like new so am well chuffed:-D

    P.S. can u let me know when and where u get the memory ard from, if it's a bargain ...only I'm after one too:-D

    Not awful but at places like AVforums phats go for about £50 inc post and you usualy get a memory card or a game thrown in too.

    If they're only £10 more at Game then I'd personally be more inclined to get one there. I imagine you'd get a year warranty with them whereas if you got one from Gumtree, AVForums or here then you'll get no warranty.
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