PSP Questions (Fake mem answered)

    I'm looking to buy an 8GB card for the PSP and have read the post by thesaint where currently it seems i'd be looking @ £20.99, but i've also seen Sony branded ones on Fleabay for £15.98 delivered. The guy (supplymemorycard) looks to be in the UK and ahs very good feedback for these very items, but i'm a bit wary as i'd prefer in the long run to have spent the extra fiver for a better product...if thats the case.

    So how do i know i have a good chance of getting a legit one as obviously i can't ask the guy to chuck it in a PSP and do the magicgate test.

    Also i ahve now got a pandora battery (supplied by spudmunch off here - cheers) but have never flashed a PSP before, so just have a couple of questions on that -
    It says to make sure your battery is fully charged, i'm guessing this mus mean the Pandora, if thats the case can i plug the pandora in (not holding down L ) and it'll boot normally meaning i can charge it ??

    With the battery i also got a Pandora Ready Mem stick 2gb with the files on it ready for flashing, but the .pbp files in the root only go as high as 380, is it then easy enough for me to upgrade through the WIFI (know nothing about this but have read that theres a setting/nmethod to do so) or could i simply add more .pbp to get it to either 3.9, 4.1, or 5.0 ??

    Finally, the 2gb has about 1.8gb free once flashed is there any possibilty i could just copy some iso/cso's into the psp folder and then run some things from there or because its a pandora stick would it not work ?? If not i'd prefer to buy one as mentioned above and keep this as a Pandora Stick in case i ever wanna do a mates PSP.

    thinks that probably enough for one post




    buy from an authorised dealer only = problem solved

    I'm sure that some manufacturers have little software programs freely available to check if the USB/Stick is authentic or not. I did this with a Sony 8GB I bought about 2 years ago (retail they were about 150 quid!) so I got one from fleabay (dumb i am).

    Something wasnt quite right when I got it so I was testing copying files of varying sizes and up to the size of the drive but kept getting errors when I was copying large files only, small files were okay.

    Went and downloaded a small piece of software and told me that the alleged Sony USB was a duffer, that it was reporting a larger capacity than it actually was and that the chip was a piece of carp basically.

    Filed a paypal claim, the buyer refunded me no probs so I got my money back and stuck to buying from well known retailers now. Its the only way really to have that piece of mind and knowing that you're getting the real thing.

    Hi there,

    I saved this when I purchased mine a while ago, hope it helps! :thumbsup:

    Click on the link to read more:…H:2

    Original Poster

    Cheers all, will bear all those in mind and read through the Ebay review.

    Anybody have any answers for the other questions ??


    Cheers all, will bear all those in mind and read through the Ebay … Cheers all, will bear all those in mind and read through the Ebay review.Anybody have any answers for the other questions ??

    i was taking to someone on dark alex's irc forum
    and he was advising get a sandisk as they are not fake it's the sony ones that can be fake or so he said
    seemed to know what he was taking about

    Lexar 8Gb from - £20.99 delivered !

    I've bought a couple of these now and work great ! :thumbsup:
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