Found 7th Jan 2011
I am looking for some advice regarding my PSP slim and lite console. I was trying to put custom firmware using some ChickHEN hacking software and something went wrong while doing it. It resulted in no turning on my psp 2000. I want to know is there any way my psp can go back to default settings so that it can restart or is it just waste??
will really appricieate the help n thx in advance...

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Pandora battery?

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no its not Pandora battery, its using chickHEN software
just google it n u will get links

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Pandora battery?

If they were using the HEN method, I assume that it isn't a console that can be Pandora'd.
If it can, it begs the question why the HEN method was attempted.

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the thing is i bought psp 2000 n came to know it can be unbricked using either pandora or chickHEN method. since pandora method required some battery and some memory stick so i thought it would be better for me to go with this chickHEN method but instead of that now my psp is not even starting. so i just want to know whether it can be fixed or do i need to buy another one?

When you switch it on is the light coming on but the screen is blank if so it's bricked and you will need a pandora battery this is where I got mine from

I know nothing about PSP's as my kid stopped using one around 7 Years ago.Below is a Link to Pandora battery that people are telling you about.Read the Reviews & see if that will help you on what steps to take if any.…s=1

Probably need to check google for unhackable 2000s as there are some I think. If it is hackable then a Pandora battery will recover it.

It sounds like it's probably got no working firmware or currupted firmware. Pandora will recover from that. You can modify a battery to become a Pandora but ya might be better just buying one.
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