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Found 20th Jun 2007
Hi i've sat on my psp and cracked the screen does anyone now a cheap way to get it fixed. Looking for anything cheap (£30)
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have u cracked just the outer screen?
if so, then u will only need a psp face (the cover)
or have u actually cracked the lcd screen?
I know its not funny but you've just made me LOL, Thanks! :-D

You can get the replacement screen on ebay.
If you've cracked the LCD screen, they may seem a ball ache to change at first glance, but it is actually quite straight forward...

Loads of guides about (YouTube etc).

You can get screens for less than £30.
Mine got smashed got a replacement for less than £30 took less than a hour to swap no working fine.You will have to make sure it has not damaged the backlight that sits behind the display as well.
Ring 0845 838 1507 or 0191-4932308 Free Quotations
Got a screen & backlight from Ebay - video from YouTube, changed in less than 10 mins.

Only problem I had was getting the screws out the back of the PSP !!!
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