How much could I sell it for on here? in protective case, with charger.


    £40 id say


    duno but wait a week lol

    How much do you want for it?
    What condition is it in? Excellent, good, bad or indifferent?

    Does it come with games etc....Oh how I love these, plus you know it will be on FS/FT tomorrow

    £40 ? More like £60 if in good nick


    regularly go for around £40 plus delivery

    Not slim and lites in good Nick they don't

    More fool him.…280 sold for £50.
    Mostly phats for £40. Slim and lite in exc condition at least £50 plus is the going rate. Sixty being a tad optimistic.

    If this was listed at £40 it would be sold in no time and bad advice would have cost him at least a tenner.

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    Good Condition, Star Wars II: Battlefront, Little Big Planet, Medieval: Ressurection, Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo, SEDA Megadrive Collection, Ironman, Protective case & Charger
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