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Found 16th May 2009
Hi guys,

So I have my PSP Slim & Lite (model 2003, running firmware 3.60) I have spent hours reading so-called "comprehensive" guides to modifying a PSP...hmmm...

All I want to do is get it running a Super Nintendo emulator. I already have the ROMs. Can anyone help or point to a website that is actually helpful? I don't need it to do anything else, just play the few real games I have and these SNES ROMs.

Muchos rep for any help!
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You need pandora battery and magic memory stick, google these terms and you should find what you need.
You will need a psp already running cfw to make the battery and the mem stick can b created on your pc.
Is it to run emulators for roms that you own? If not cant talk about it on here.

Thanks for that - yes I own ROMs that run on a SNES emulator for my PC. There are some other ones too but I'll not mention them!!

Is there any way I can get around the need for another PSP?

I could lend you a pandora battery if you like, if you paid postage and promised to send it back as soon as you are done, ill give it a good charge now just incase you want it. I dont have an uptodate magic memory stick, think my newest one has 4.? on it.
Thanks SBD, but I've ordered a ready-made battery & magic memory stick for £10 delivered. Good deal?
where did you order this from? can you pm me the details?

where did you order this from? can you pm me the details?

dealextreme at a guess...
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