psp update help please

    brought psp cant remember his addy or i could ask his help.
    anyway. It works fine unless i try to update for sons new game. it says i need to update.
    However when i try it says.
    the disc cannot bew read.
    check that disk properly inserted which we have
    then its a number 80020321.
    Son is distraught. (which is easily done lol)


    Try updating by downloading an update to memory card via website? (cable can be bought for around £3 in stores if you don't already have one).

    Not really a solution to the problem but may work

    What firmwares onit at the moment?

    is it possible that it has a custom firmware on it ?, if so it probably wont update from an official one


    You could always check your feedback.…ith

    There is/was an option to update custom firmware directly, I can't recall the option for getting to the boot screen, however I'm sure someone else will pop in.

    Original Poster

    never thoguht of that scottish bloke thanks.
    ropster it did have custom on it bit i asked for it to be took off before he posted it.

    What game are you trying to play?

    Original Poster

    midnight club LA remix-- saint


    midnight club LA remix-- saint

    Have you tried going to the Sony Playstation site, and downloading an update that way?
    Sony PSP software update

    Original Poster

    ill ask my son when he gets in saint. Cos im not touching it im psp illiterate.

    Original Poster

    hubby has just tried it and it says cant read memory card
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