psp value V's giga packs

    Any one help, I have been given a gift card for GAME to buy a PSP Giga pack for my sons birthday. My local store only has the Value packs but a store 30miles away has the giga pack, would have to get a bus with 4 kids to get to other store in the snow to get the giga.
    Just want to know if it is worth the bother, he is really after the need for speed game which is not in any of the packs. I don't understand the memory stick thing - what he would use it for/is it a necessity at the moment(could buy one later at the higher spec)
    card value is £270.00 allredy paid for.

    plz help, his birthday is on monday so need to get it today.
    thanks again you guys, i'd be lost without yous

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    thanks guys, got the value pack and 3 games that he wanted. I will get the 1gb card later.
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