PSU advice for 9600GT Graphics Card

    I plan on buying the 9600GT. However having checked my PSU, its max power output is 305W. Now this obviously will not be able to handle the graphics card. Additionally, I have a Dell Dimension E520. Will this have a specific PSU? Any recommendations as to which PSU I should buy?

    Thank you in advance.


    min of 700w


    min of 700w

    Overkill unless you are going for SLI on GTX 295s...

    why is it, i went on a psu check on the net and it said i needed a 1000w but im running a 700w

    lol 700w min for a 9600gt.

    Get this from Maplin,I used one with a E4600 and a 8800gt and was perfectly stable and very quiet too,…165

    mind you i have also got in my system
    60gb IDE
    160gb IDE
    200gb SATA
    400gb SATA
    2x dvd drive
    6x system fans
    bfg 9600gt ocz
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