PSX2PSP - Version 1.3 - Help Pls

Hi All,

Again another psp help thred lol

So ive manged to update my PSP Firmware to 5.50 GEN-B (FULL)

Ive installed FF7 to my memory card, and works like a dream (yay)
..Now my gf wants to play FF8.. ughh.. So ive found this program called PSX2PSP, ive downloaded version 1.3, as it appears to be the most stable program rather than the newer version.

Okay, so ive put in the first disc and made it into an ISO and then ran this PSX2PSP converter, and made it into a PBP file. Great, i then move the converted file to: //psp/games/FF8/FF8.pbp

When i load up the psp the game appears! Woot... but when i click on the game it shows the PS1 logo and sound etc, and the memory card light flashes for a bit, then the screen goes black and thats it.. nothing.

any ideas whats going on and how i can fix this?



my ff7 plays fine on a 5.00m33-6 firmware.

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my ff7 plays fine on a 5.00m33-6 firmware.

Im trying to work out how to play FF8 now lol :thumbsup:

check out

the best site i found to help with anything psp related

hold on a mo have to check later think i messed the link will update when i get home from work

Playstation 1 games are suppose to be bought and downloaded from the PSN store where, at the moment their library is relatively small and therefore the emulation software of the PSP has limited function for those deciding on making their own PS1 games play on their PSP - this coupled with copy protection that some games have result in incompatibility with the emulation software.

Unfortunately (depending on Region) Final Fantasy 8 is one of those games - google "PSX on PSP compatibility list" and you'll find a user submitted based table which lists the games people have tried to make themselves from their Playstation 1 original discs (and on what firmware they are trying to use).

Some good news is that the PSN store in Japan plans on releasing Final Fantasy 8 to buy and download for the PSP in the future (unless that was a rumour) so (hopefully, as with Final Fantasy 7) they will do the same in PSN Europe.

check it got ff8 up and running myself but flyin thru ff7 atm
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