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Posted 29th Jun 2010
need to start thinking about ideas for freshers week in sept as I'm on the fundraising team for college, anyway we need an idea for the pub crawl on the wednesday, but would like something where its not just about dressing up,
for example we usually do pub golf, where you have to have a drink in 18 different pubs and keep a record of it(and of course dress up as golfers) so its more than just dressing up
has anybody got any ideas as im stumped, i have loads of dressup idas, but nothing that makes it more than that, to make something else in the night an important factor
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how not have a world cup themed one or drinks from different countries
We did one once with work where it was like a challenge - set off in teams of 4 with a list of things we had to find out (things you saw as you went along from dates on memorials to the colour of the fit girl in The Body Shop's eyes), plus stuff to collect along the way - beg/borrow/steal as necessary, and things you had to do and prove you had done (like place a bet, get on a bus, get beaten up by a tramp etc etc). As well as having to drink in each pub you passed and every time you bumped into another team, both teams had to down a shot.

Can't really remember much beyond the first few pubs, but I know it was an absolutely cracking day/night out!
make sure international drinking rules are upheald

No pointing
No swearing
Must drink with left had
and God save the queen (if a penny is dropped in your drink you shout GSTQ and down it)

and God save the queen (if a penny is dropped in your drink you shout … and God save the queen (if a penny is dropped in your drink you shout GSTQ and down it)

quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world. especially with a fresh pint... :x

fortunately, i'm not really a monarchist...
loves the GSTQ one...

only you get really drunk really quick
Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt List

___ 6 different brands of beer caps

___ 5 signed business cards

___ 3 different matchbooks or lighters

___ 1 take-out menu

___ 1 bar coupon

___ 1 coaster with bar logo

___ 3 different napkins with bar logo

___ 1 cocktail umbrella

___ 3 different colored stir sticks

___ 1 shot glass with the bar logo

___ 1 liquor bottle label

___ 1 house drink recipe signed by the bartender

___ 1 embellished toothpick

___ 1 empty mini liquor bottle

___ 1 wine bottle cork

Decide beforehand on points awarded for each item.

Tie-breaker: Have one member from each team wear a plain t-shirt. Give each team a couple of Sharpie markers (best markers for autographing on fabric) and the team that comes back with the most signatures on their teammate's t-shirt gets a 10 point bonus (or whatever amount you decide).

Will phone my army mate for more ideas ;-)
** Everyone brings an egg. The first person to break the egg does a 3 shot penalty. After the first egg is gone, everyone else can lose the eggs.

** Pub Poker. In the first pub, everyone puts a couple of quid into a kitty. Then in the following 5 pubs, everyone gets one card per pub. By the fifth pub, everyone will have a hand of 5 cards. Whoever has the best hand has to buy a ridiculous drink with the kitty, then nominate one or two people to drink it.

**GRENADE card! When someone gets the card, they, and only they, can shout grenade at various points during the evening, and the last person to hit the floor must consume.

** Get everyone had to dress up as a different colour and at various points in the night someone would blow a whistle and the last one to blend in like a chameleon had to down a pint.
make it 3-legged - 1 guy 1 girl - and no untieing even for the loo - we did it on ours and I can only remember the first few pubs - but it was a great night :-) !
some good ideas
will leave rep tomorrow, im doing boring filing right now
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