Pub golf!

    Hey people
    Off for pub golf nxt week so need to kit myself up, I've a golf glove at the mo Just need to get some golfing attire for as cheap as poss as I doubt I'll use it again or much, any maverick ideas please shoot over at me! Thanks


    If you need clubs, trolley etc. try your local tip. You're tripping over them at ours.

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    Dont play golf in the pub as you will break stuff and I see you want to do it on the cheap.

    Try a golf course prob the best place.

    Hope I have been some help.:thumbsup:

    Could get a plastic kids golf set, I can't imagine that'd be too expensive from somewhere like JJB, and more fun, you can hit eachother with them and it hardly hurts, especially after all those drinks.

    We did this a while ago and had trouble finding stuff for it. Check all the cheap shops like peacocks and primark, we even looked around charity shops. Also TK-Maxx could be a good place, just seemed like for us as soon as we did it we saw lots of stuff we could of bought. Hope this helps!!!

    These are all cheap as far as golf equipment goes:

    Onyx Z30 Half Set.

    Ideal for beginners.

    1 number 3 wood.

    1 - pitching wedge.

    Irons including PW and SW - 4,6,8 pw irons in total.

    1 heel/toe putter.

    Stand bag with 4 way divider top, rain/travel hood, pockets for clothing/accessories.

    Single padded, adjustable shoulder strap, automatic stand, retaining loops for brolly.

    Front carrying handle.

    All clubs are perimeter weighted giving enlarged sweet-spot for optimum playability.

    Apollo steel shafts and all weather grips.

    £44.99 >…htm

    Donnay 17 Piece Golf Set
    4 woods 7 irons and 1 putter. Fur lined covers to protect graphite shafts. Carrying bag with adjustable strap. Large side pockets and ball pocket.

    (Was £299) > Now £70 >…asp

    Dunlop 9pc Hybrid Golf Set
    Right handed golf set with 1 driver, 3,4 and 5 woods, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons and a putter all with graphite shafts.7 pocket cart bag with hood and 6 way divider. Padded carry strap. Dunlop logo on strap and pocket.

    (Was £299) > Now £70 >…asp

    Donnay Mens Evl III Golf Shoe
    Lace up golf shoe with fringed tongue to cover laces, padded ankle and Donnay badge at outer side. Coated leather upper, textile inner and synthetic sole.

    Now 13.49 >…asp

    Dunlop Steel Golf Trolley
    Exclusively designed new light-weight easily foldable, aluminium golf trolley with wide wheel base for better traction. Folding bottom rest bracket for easy storage.

    Now £11.99 >…asp

    Dunlop Mens Weather Resistant Suit
    Zip through fully lined jacket. Adjustable velcro cuffs. Contrast panels. Side pockets. Dunlop embroidered logo at left chest. Golf Dunlop badge at right sleeve. Fully lined pants. Elasticated waist. Side pockets and right back pocket with velcro fastening. Side zip at ankle. 100% polyester

    (Was £59.99) > Now £17.99 >…asp

    Top Flite XL straight 15 pack
    Catalogue number: 100-7069

    (Was £9.97) > Now £4.99 >…spx

    Golf Acessory Set - 150 Piece

    Now £12.99 >

    2 x pitch fork
    2 x ball markers
    2 x pencils
    Ball line up
    6 x shoe spikes
    Spike wrench with handle
    Bead counter
    Ball pick-up
    Tri Matee
    Club face checker
    Putting cup
    6 x air flow balls

    :oops: Dooooooooooh!!!!!:oops:

    Sorry tru, I do sometimes have trouble reading with my eyes shut!:whistling:

    How about this?

    Golfer Costume Exclusive Web Price £34.99

    You would be really t-eed off if you had to wear something silly when you play golf, after all the last ting a golfer would want is a silly pair of trousers or one of those silly jumpers. This costume is much more sensible, the hat, waistcoat front and tie are all made of fake grass. naturally the waistcoat has 3 golf-ball buttons (for decoration) the tie and the hat have a ball on a clear thread so that they dangle when you move;topping off the hat is a white flag. Also supplied in the pack is a pair of checked knee length trousers. Shoes, socks shirt and golf club are not included.

    :giggle:…891 :giggle:

    try your local sportsworld, or sports soccer, my mate got kitted out for under 40 quid shoes and everything

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    thanks everyone, lol jerry thanks
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