pub grub

    what do you guys like to eat at the pub.
    i only ask as ive been offered a job running the kitchen in a new pub.
    ive got a rough idea what i want to do.
    just want to see what people really want.


    steak and ale pie
    traditional beer battered fish & chips

    Burger & chips? Decent burgers mind, none of that birds eye rubbish

    Good old proper mixed grill!!! With generous portions of meat =D

    A quality mixed grill .......

    I love smoothered chicken yumm.


    A quality mixed grill .......

    We need proper mixed grills!!! Too many places i've been to give you the smallest bit of meat you can imagine and its not filling enough!! A good mix grill is always worth the money :thumbsup:

    oh....BBQ sauce and a good one is a necessity!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I'm really hungry now =(

    if your doing burgers, use a griddle, and propperly char-grill them

    make them taste awsome.

    there was a hungry horse in reading that used to do them perfect!, i used to travel from swindon to go get them. then they got rid of the chef. and they were cooked completely different (and greasy) have not been back since.

    its the chef that makes a pub.

    hope you do well in your new job!


    Congratulations btw for being offered the Job!!!

    last mixed grill i had at a pub was just plain awfull.

    meat was either undercooked or overcooked, portions were stupidly small.

    If transport cafe`s can put more breakfast on a plate than a FAT man can eat for £7. why cant pub`s do the same? :-)

    (A. FAT MAN) haha


    So am I, I need a big pub lunch in England I'm in sydney and in the … So am I, I need a big pub lunch in England I'm in sydney and in the centre it's £1.40 for a normal chocolate bar or about £1.10 even in a normal supermarkey. An acer aspire one laptop is about £320 here, I paid £170 for mine in the UK. I daren't go to a normal pub.


    chicken with bbq and melted cheese is my fave ! mmm

    ham egg and chips!!!!!!!!

    sausage and mash in a giant yorkie.
    do burgers but with a twist, like with stilton mixed in, or chorizo just something abit different from the generic burger menu's in most pubs.
    probably need rump and serloin steaks on it too.


    chicken with bbq and melted cheese is my fave ! mmm


    Original Poster Banned

    cheers guys.
    ive mainly worked in restaurants but took 2 months off
    as we have had a little addition to the family,
    and the bloody restaurant went bust.
    itll be good to get back to cooking real food for a change

    +1 for mixed grill (must contain chicken, gammon, egg + pineapple, steak, sausages, onion rings, sausages, beans and mushrooms) + optional potato portion.

    You may need large plates :lol:

    Just 'own made' chunky chips, battered onion rings, garlic mushrooms, things like that

    and if you do sandwiches , do them like weatherspoons. Fresh bloomer loaf and generous filling chicken , bacon and lettuce and have the mayo as optional will go down well. Also a nice home made mild/med curry 1/2 and 1/2 on specials board.

    In winter have a nice stew or lamb cawl on rugby international days

    Burger with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce.

    Onion rings and chunky chips.

    Agree with Sabj with the chicken, delicious!!

    Bit healthier option, chicken cesear salad.

    oh and don't forget the dessert, warm chocholate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream.

    Scampi & chips :thumbsup:


    chicken with bbq and melted cheese is my fave ! mmm



    + 2 with a nice bbq sauce!!! :thumbsup:

    Aberdeen angus burgers and chips. (Hand cut chips, none of this skinny nonsense)
    Beautiful battered fish and chips.
    Steak and chips (or garlic cubes or other side)
    Scampi and chips.

    Anything and chips.


    i agree with the mixed grill my partner loves them infact if we go to a pub and they dont serve them we go else where last decent one he had was in matlock cost £20 but was well worth it. steak, gammon, lamb chop ,pork chop, black pudding, sausage, fried egg,mushrooms, grilled tomato, chips and salad yum. oh and definately fresh made chips not these crappy fries.

    Man, I'm hungry now!!!

    corned beef hash pie with fresh chips and gravy made with mashed potatoe and corned beef and onions mashed and put in shortcrust pastry this is really nice and would be a good seller.


    Man, I'm hungry now!!!

    me too!!Really fancy a carvery later :-D

    a nice homemade burger on a floury bap with nice homemade chips, none of the frozen rubbish

    Lasagne with a nice side salad n some garlic bread
    Also spag bol, a nice chicken breast burger, maybe ham egg n chips?
    Side orders should also include thick chunky chips with thick garlic mayo!!!
    Pudding should def include some sorta choc brownie (warm of course) with ice cream
    Makin me hungry now!!!

    Has to be Steak Ale Pie, Mash Tatey, with Seasoned Vegetables, and Gravy (ohhhh Northen Boys Love Gravy) along with a pint of Magners!

    Sirloin or fillet steak with all the trimmings!

    after all this going to harvester tonight for a mixed grill!!!!

    Proper mash.
    Home made chips.
    No squirty cream (only the proper stuff)
    A choice other than veg lasagne for vegetarians.

    Meals like steak,shepeherds pie,lasagne,sausages and mash,fish n chips,fish pie.
    Selection of light meals/starters like soups,fresh sandwiches,and good selection of side orders- salad,chips,onion rings,garlic bread that kind of thing.
    Vegetarian options,as mentioned above,not just vegetarian lasagne lol,and to make many of the side orders as vegetarian ( not frying in lard etc ) when possible.
    Desserts,fruit pies or crumbles,custard,ice cream sundaes,choc fudge cake,banoffe pie,again making them vegetarian too.Keep it fairly simple.
    Bonus if vegan or can be altered to be made Vegan.


    Proper mash. Home made chips.No squirty cream (only the proper stuff)A … Proper mash. Home made chips.No squirty cream (only the proper stuff)A choice other than veg lasagne for vegetarians.

    yeh it's always veggie lasagne or another one is,some kind of vegetable tart.
    Yeh real mash and real chips.

    At the moment, I'm on a diet so it's salads. But when I have free reign, it would be a good steak and ale pie or a good burger with tast toppings (gormet burger style)

    Nachos with jalapenos and potatoe wedges cut by hand and cooked in oven!Yum Yum
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