Public Health England guidelines for healthcare professionals risking cross infection Covid-19

Posted 22nd Mar
PHE recommendation for PPE for healthcare professionals treating Covid-19 patients is a complete sham risking cross infection.

PHE recommendation -…rol

World Health Organisation -…me3

This has been picked up by the Sun -…mp/

Three 30 year old doctors have had to be ventilated after treating Covid-19 with inadequate PPE.

The Italian healthcare professions wear full hazmat suits.

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OP, could you give us a simple paragraph of a summary of why you say it is a sham (as the links are a lot of heavy reading)? Is it as simple as lack of enough PPEs? If so, is it a sham without enough PPEs, a lack of competent resource managers, a lack of communication skilled managers, and/or lack of funding to order the PPEs early..and so on?
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I haven't read any of it but just from the post, its obvious the nhs are not being given the appropriate equipment needed to stay safe and are becoming ill so its all downhill now if its true.
Also if three 30 year olds cannot breath for themselves then the info we've been given is a bit of a cover up, doesn't affect young fit people so much apparently.
Yet i pointed out a while ago the 34 year old doctor who discovered it in China died plus many other young people with no health conditions, ive also recently seen videos of people that look around 30 in uk hospital struggling to breath and saying not to take chances because they nearly died.
Just seen on the news, theres now a 36 year old nurse, mom of three in walsall manor hospital on a ventilator fighting for her life, infected from patients whilst wearing ppe
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It's repeated over exposure that's the problem for health workers
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