Found 4th May 2010
I am still an undecided voter, its between, SNP, Labour and Lib Dems.

I heard though that the Tories were going to make more public spending cuts than Labour, and possibly axe or cut the child tax credits.

Politics is so misleading.

Alex Salmond is starting to really annoy me when he talks about cutting Trident and Westminster. Its all he has to say.

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scrap the lot of em i say

start from scratch..........bring in some foreigners to do the job properly

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Im just wondering exactly how far out these polls really are.

Murdochs Yougov poll, lol.

Go with the party that is closest to what you stand for,or maybe a tactical vote if there is someone you really don't want representing your constituency.

I don't believe that any party can completely fulfil your beliefs,so vote on gut instinct is my advice:thumbsup:

Bad times ahead re public spending, no matter who gets in.

No getting away from the fact that we are badly in debt and it has to be repaid. Not particularly a labour voter but IMO it is a global situation and I don't hold with the view that it's all Gordon's fault.

Call me old fashioned but I cannot stand personality politics. It should not matter what anyone looks like..........but clearly it does to the majority

doesn't matter who will be charge by the weekend, the cuts are coming,…ifs



doesn't matter who will be charge by the weekend, the cuts are … doesn't matter who will be charge by the weekend, the cuts are coming,

well it does, depending who you vote for will depend where the cuts are gonna be.......

and who is gonna pay for or the poor

told u youd be seeing history in the making btw;-)

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

Now if only we could sort it all out shopping in Argos.

So that we can select 3 or 4 we are interested in then hit the compare button and there we have it, all features of their manifestos in an easy to see format.

Is it too late to make them do that ?

All the pontification drives me nuts.

My favourite after all this hype is the zombie party

"Increase the minimum statutory retirement age to beyond death"…stm
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