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Posted 6th Oct 2022
Hi everyone,

We’ve got a big announcement to share with you regarding the Publication Rules for hotukdeals. This is something we’ve been working on for a long time, and we’re excited to finally get it out into the world - and it’s important to us that first, we explain what we’re trying to achieve and the steps we’ve taken to get here.


We have some new publication rules which we think will lead to more and better deals. While we’d love everyone to read this whole announcement (especially if you post or use a lot of deals), we know not everyone has the time or interest. So you can find them here:

But if you want to know more about the how, what and why, please read on…

What are the Publication Rules?

Our Publication Rules are the guidelines for ensuring our communities’ expectations of deal content and quality are met. The community is the lifeblood of our business so ensuring the right quality standards are in place so that we can all find the best deals, is crucial.

For hotukdeals, the last big publication rules update was in 2019. Since then, world events showed we need more flexibility with what we allow on our websites so that all great deals can be found here.

However, flexibility needs to be balanced with having easily understandable rules, otherwise, confusion can reign. Not just for the community, but also for the community support teams responsible for managing the content you share.

Equally, protecting our communities from threats, be they financial, personal or anything that limits the ability to have worthwhile conversations is of utmost importance to us. This is, of course, a balancing act, but at the core of everything we do.

So we aimed to agree on an updated set of rules we think will most benefit our communities while ensuring our community support teams have clarity on what is allowed, and also that we don’t end up with sub-par deals on the site. Put simply…

The aim of these rules...

We want as many quality deals as possible, whilst defending the community from scams and spam.


What have we done so far?

We’ve actually worked on these rules for eight separate communities run by Pepper simultaneously - which is why we started way back in March!

This is what we did:
  • Worked with all community leads to review what was working well (or not) across all global communities
  • Created a draft, focused on what we wanted to achieve, which was shared at an in-person open discussion session at Pepper HQ, Berlin
  • Opened the discussion up to over 100 colleagues (community support, editors and more) to understand how we needed to shape the rules per country.
  • Several subsequent fine tuning sessions, where we got into the nitty-gritty of how rules should apply
  • Presented them to two separate groups of community members in each country to get their reactions and feedback on how we could improve the rules, then made adjustments
  • Final internal reviews, mainly dotting i’s and crossing t’s

After all that, we’re now ready to present the rules to all members of the community, as a soft launch and invite any initial observations and feedback.

What are the Rules?

The new rules can be simplified into 6 statements

  • 1. We strive to publish great deals when they benefit the community
  • 2. We welcome deals from many sellers and try to check they're legit
  • 3. We want deals submitted for the good of the community rather than for personal gain
  • 4. We allow 'megathreads' (deals from multiple shops) with some rules to keep things tidy
  • 5. We have a clear list of the *DOs and DON'Ts for permanent deals
  • 6. We want vibrant conversations to thrive in the deal comments

We hope these statements give a clear direction on some of the key deal topics. We’ve gone into much more detail on the full Publication Rules page, and we’d encourage everyone who’s interested to take a look at these.

There are some differences between the final rules in different countries, but actually, far fewer than there previously were. We believe the general direction is right for all communities and should result in more and better deals, but we also can see some really valid reasons for some variations, so we’ve allowed them.

Where’s the rule on cashback?

Cashback rules currently differ quite a lot country-to-country. We know it’s something community members care a lot about, so we are taking a bit more time to find the right route. We’ll let you know when this happens.

Summary and what’s next

While we’ve worked hard to get to somewhere we think is a good balance - helping improve the quality and quantity of deals - the proof of the pudding will of course be now, as everyone starts using the rules.

We will have a regular Publication Rules review (likely to be every 3 months) where we will look at all the feedback and the data and make adjustments to improve things.

If we need to make some changes, no problem. Likewise, if we find something is working well, we’ll look at whether we can improve it further.

So we are looking for all of your constructive feedback - we know there will be areas some people like more than others, which is totally fine.
** If you can give us suggestions and examples about why things do or don’t work, it will really help us continue to improve these rules **

We’re really excited about this long-awaited launch, and believe the result will be more high-quality deals for everyone. Let us know what you think!

Personal trading not permitted on hotukdeals - wef 16/11/2022 this will also include the sale of any personal subscription slots offered by members of the Community
No further trades permitted where a payment is required, including in thread comments, & we will be closing any currently active discussions. Please let us know via report if any members cold contact you via PM offering these for sale.
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    Sigma Author
    We have a clear list of the DO's and DON'Ts for permanent deals

    When an offer is always available, but it's something people should not miss, we want to allow it.

    • Free entry to a museum/venue where ordinarily chargeable
    • Lower/reduced cost for service trials (99p Spotify 3 month trial eg).
    • Sharing member benefits eg cinema or takeaway codes
    • Sharing subscriptions eg Amazon Prime.
    • New additions to video game subscription services

    Not allowed
    • New additions to video or audio streaming services
    • Apps/books which are always free
    • Items which are full price and do not meet the posting conditions under ‘We strive to publish great deals when they benefit the community'

    These lists will change based on user feedback and deal performance, and we're sure they won't be comprehensive or completely correct right from the start. (edited)
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    so no more free ebooks flooding freebies? praise the lord
  2. Pinned
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    Sigma Author
    We recognise some products can be a deal without being discounted, particularly when there is high demand for a specific product that is in short supply - e.g. a Console or a limited fashion drop. (*We do not allow items sold for more that the normal RRP). We will maintain a list of these items.

    Current products that qualify for deals at normal retail selling price:

    - No items at present -

    * Last updated 15/02/23 (edited)
    jamiebradleylewis's avatar
    Where’s the list???
  3. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Could you implement some rules for the discussions part of the website? It's supposed to be about discussions but instead it's just filled with people begging for discount codes or asking for advice about stuff that's already been discussed quite literally the day before. An option for pinned threads about certain subjects (Advice on TV/laptop/console, discount codes etc) would clean it up substantially and may entice actual conversation.
    Azwipe's avatar
    That's because the moderators ruin any discussions and people give up trying to participate.
  4. Gruff__'s avatar
    "we don't allow self-promotion or for vested interest links to be posted"

    But of course all outgoing links to deals are formatted to include a vested financial interest for HotDealsUK.
    Dan's avatar
    Yep and we say this at the bottom of every deal (and every Get Deal button has a * which leads people to the monetisation message)

    What our self promotion rules are aiming to avoid is salespeople posting deals which make them money, but where other users have zero idea that is happening - so the opposite to how our links work in terms of transparency
  5. odiedodie's avatar
    Don’t forget that you don’t allow politics… except when you approve of it
    deleted1873321's avatar
    Anonymous User
    People become mods because it gives them a sense of authority.
  6. mrTea67's avatar
    Sometimes a " Like and Helpful " click is warranted.Are we doing something on getting a double or even triple click sorted ?
    Muig1972's avatar
    I reckon if someone marks a comment "helpful", it's a given that they also liked it.
  7. .MUFC.'s avatar
    Should it not be the community that decides if something is a good deal or not? I thought that's what the hot and cold votes were for.
    joanddan7's avatar
    That ended years ago mate. I remember coming on and finding so many good deals. Now someone in an office somewhere decides what is a deal for me. The site is pretty much useless these days. Curated advert list by people that care about clicks and making money.

    I stay for the gaming thread and the heads up posts.
  8. m1keyp1key's avatar
    • 6. We want vibrant conversations to thrive in the deal comments

    Who comes up with this drivel? Theres a section of over 1000 posts now on the changes made to this site that makes statement number 6 so much more difficult and many many people hate the changes to the site and how difficult it has become to view posts. (edited)
    Skullzrulerz's avatar
    Is this a joke, what do you they "vibrant conversations" as soon as one gets going it's removed.

    Unless it's a moderator or one of their best mates.
  9. deleted1873321's avatar
    Anonymous User
    All these new rules but gambling deals still allowed. I know of kids who came on here looking for Xbox deals but ended up hooked on gambling.
    Halfaudio's avatar
    I would a agree that gambling/betting is to be forbidden on any site and make it look very unattractive so there are less people that fall for this stupidity.
    Have seen so many lives actually ruined by it and some even end themselves just because it is getting way out of hand.. Horrible addiction

    If hud is gaining from it I guess like any other business they will allow it.
  10. SebK's avatar
    Why Subscribe/unsubscribe button was removed
    Illusionary's avatar
    It's still there, it's just been 'improved' by being made less obvious (it's the bell icon).
  11. jazzuk777's avatar
    I hope you have listened to deal posters, I for one have given up as it was just proving to be too much time/a waste of time to post them. Given that posters are usually doing it in their own time for very little/if any reward, the moderation has become far too onerous and not allowing for site users' intelligence in assessing deals themselves - for example a poster can't legitimately check other stores to see if an IRL deal is national or not, so posting a deal that appears to be national or at least multistore without anything making it clear to the contrary like a Tesco yellow label for example should be given the benefit of the doubt with appropriate caveats. Equally robust discussion should be allowed for a site for adults, where bullying isn't present.
    Estel_Ellessar's avatar
    Ditto - The mods ruined it for me, I gave up posting last year, I had no motivation other than trying to help people regardless of heat but the hoops you have to jump through, the inconsistencies and the hypocrisy became overwhelming.
  12. Kingsworth's avatar
    Please can we scrap deals that require a VPN? Or foreign store deals e.g. turkish PSN. IMO it makes a mockery of the website, it's borderline fraud. There's a reason for regional pricing. (edited)
    Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    Yeah, definitely cheapens this site. The virtual equivalent of the bloke that used to sell hacked sky boxes down the pub.
  13. Mozart321's avatar
    What about a rule about posting countless free Kindle books constantly every day, sometimes multiple threads for a series of books?
    Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    I always wonder what the motive for the poster doing this is...I'm assuming they don't get it just to harvest internet points?
  14. GameOverRob's avatar
    Unreal. Got a message and a post deletion from this thread because i referenced communism as a tongue in a cheek comment about how the mods on this site run it as a dictatorship.

    Unbelievable stuff, proper embarrassing really.

    They really do run it like some mad power trip. the site has gone to the dogs since it first launched with power hungry do whatever they want attitudes.

    hotukdeals what a vapid mess of a site it is now

    absurd rules that the mods don't even stick to themselves. delete posts on a regular basis too so a mod can steal and repost it at a later date. (edited)
    Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    Try criticising a mod on any site, forum, reddit whatever will get your post removed...what did you expect?! (edited)
  15. RealDonaldTrump's avatar
    Perfectly fine comment deleted.
    Halfaudio's avatar
    As usual this a profit based company now our saying does't matter if they don't benefit (edited)
  16. Robbo11's avatar
    A new HUKD rule I would like to see is that members cannot vote a deal hot or cold from the main deal page and can only vote if they are actually in the deal details/member comments pages. It should help reduce the number of casual votes from members who can't even be bothered to look beyond the headline price and read the deal details before voting.

    Too often we see deals still getting heat solely based on the headline price even where the deal details show the hoops you might have to jump through to get the deal or where more savvy member comments have already quickly disproved it is a good deal.
  17. r9000's avatar
    I see there is nothing about safety, which is a shame.

    For example, I suggested long ago that you have a filter for alcohol related deals and maybe enable it by default, because cheap booze is a problem for people dealing with alcohol related issues. Doesn't seem to have been mentioned or implemented, despite at the time your staff saying it was a good idea.

    Similar issue with things like holiday deals to places that have poor human rights records. This is going to be a big issue with the next World Cup, for example. Women, LGBTQ+ people and those who consume alcohol would benefit greatly from at least a prominent link to the Home Office advice on visiting those countries.

    It would be nice to see some action on ethical deals too. Deals that don't give money to businesses and individuals who contribute significantly to climate change, or to bigotry and violence.
    Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    I agree with this and it must be possible to implement a filter, just like you can filter out the lingerie threads if you are easily offended. Personally, I want to be alerted to alcohol and gambling deals and I think a blanket ban is a bit like saying we are making nuts illegal everywhere because someone somewhere might have a bad reaction to them.

    A filter would be the best option.
  18. Searching4deals1234's avatar
    I think it ultimately doesn’t change the fact of the mod on at the time. Whoever is there working that shift. Comments removed for being argumentative yet it’s just pointing out to the person spamming the deal they’re wrong.
    Deals/comments will be allowed as and when it suits hukd. It’s been this way for years and remember a leopard doesn’t change its spots

    If it makes money it’s staying and that’s a fact. (edited)
    Jason's avatar
    Thanks for the feedback here @Searching4deals1234 Comments tend to be brought to the attention of the team in these ways:

    1. They include a blacklisted word (and we get a flag)
    2. They get reported by users (the specific comment)
    3. We stumble across them doing checks

    1 and 2 is WAY more common than 3 simply because we rely on our community to flag the content they believe should not be on the platform. Number 3 still happens, just nowhere near as often as 1 and 2.

    If a comment is reported then we've got a decision to make. This is a decision made by each individual of the team so a judgment call whether our rules are being stuck to. The outcomes always leads to disappointment because there is two parties involved which will receive a different outcome to the other.

    Linking your two points together, there is never an occasion when we take a decision based on financial impact on the company. It is not the job of those moderating the forums to worry about any part of that. At all. You only have to look at the recently suspended merchants (for self promotion) to see that we try to take decision to protect the integrity of our website. We know our users need to trust what we show them. (edited)
  19. barneyonion's avatar
    Eglobalcentral deals were on here regularly and were probably the biggest scam artists I ever bought off. I lost interest in posting deals to the site when my feedback on them was ignored. It became clear that the site was for generating money and not in the best interest of the community. Some deals I posted from legit sellers such as ffx who offer very good customer service and prices were banned.
  20. Codify's avatar
    As part of the new rules is there going to be more consistency in applying them to HUKD "team members" as well as us rank and file plebs?

    Deals from sites like Love Honey usually have a generic/blank image to stop adult images being shown on the site for people browsing at work etc. Yet herea HUKD team member posts a LH deal with a deliberately titillating main image, then despite the offer being site-wide covering all products, specifically chooses another another three images of scantily clad women in lingerie to add to the post, just to get clicks and heat. Deletes any comments that point this out, leaving only sleazy comments about how hot the girls are.
    Exactly the same thing here too with another HUKD staff member:…993

    Is this really what we want the site to be? (edited)
    russellanam's avatar
    Funny that no mods replied to this glaring example.
  21. sm9690's avatar
    I give up with this site making up their own rules as they go along. Tried posting a jackery power station listed on amazon which was swiftly removed due to the seller not meeting marketplace requirements. It was the cheapest price it's ever been. They said it needs to have a min 300 feedback in the last 12 months. The seller has 239 in 12 months but lifetime feedback of 99% and 2,954.

    Yet if it was on aliexpress, then it would meet the 'rules' - "AliExpress - marketplace has been trading for at least a year with 300 feedback and a score of not less than 95%".

    Jackery has been around for 10 years and not everyone leaves seller feedback (I don't), the actual product feedback is what I look at. (edited)
  22. Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    What about the seemingly permanent Udemy thread? Yes, I know Udemy has free courses...I've been reminded of this by MartianMan daily since joining the website.
  23. Dealmessiah's avatar
    "We want vibrant conversations to thrive in the deal comments"

    I hope you live up to this one and don't just shut down reasomable/related debate.
    SassyTheeSasquatch's avatar
    good one.
  24. Garnett's avatar
    So a lot more monetisation and nothing to improve the contributor experience. Great!

    It'd be so easy to implement better scraping of url data to automate deal posting but its as clunky as it's been for years.

    It'd be so easy to flag from the URL that a deal's already been posted, but you leave it until a contributor has filled out the entire form manually before telling them (or do you even do that? I've given up submitting deals because it's such an unpleasant experience, but I think last time my submission just disappeared and later I got an automated message saying what the problem was - something about an invalid amazon marketplace seller, IIRC - again, something that could easily be flagged from the URL before I typed out all the details of the deal).

    This place has had its charm ripped out and it's clear none of the owners gives a damn.
  25. s10's avatar
    A suggestion that I have wanted implemented for a while:
    1) Please stop allowing people to post deals where the item has been on that sale price for over a month (IE Asda Lancashire yoghurt)/Stop allowing reposting of deals after a month.
    mrsandmum's avatar
  26. UKBFG's avatar
    I gave up posting deals after they kept getting deleted. Life's too short. Especially when you're just trying to be helpful and post genuine deals with no self interest.

    I do think some people on here take deals far too seriously and become self appointed deal police and just moan constantly. Who really cares? Just scroll by, or filter/search/alert for things you are interested in if it bothers you that much. My take on it is that if someone is trying to be helpful, let them and if a post helps even 1 person or even just not doing any harm and posted with good intents, it's worthwhile and valid.
    Sigma's avatar
    Sigma Author
    HI @UKBFG checking further, you had 4 deals removed in 2018 as the marketplace sellers didn't meet minimum guidelines, and one deal removed in July 2020 as the merchant was unsuitable. But the 5 deals and discussions submitted after that are all live and none of the threads were deleted:…als

    If we do remove a deal, and you are unsure of the reason, or need further clarification, please reply to the PM notification and the team can review and provide an update. And the updated Marketplace seller guidelines are also listed in the new publication rules.
  27. Rmcstar's avatar
    When is it live?
    Dan's avatar
    right away
  28. Illusionary's avatar
    I may have missed it, but I didn't see any comment in the guidelines about the approach to price drops for a product that has previously been posted as a deal, from the same retailer. When can these now be posted as new deals (hence giving greatest visibility to the community of the new price)?

    Also, another +1 to needing a dedicated category for e-book freebies, as the number of these that get posted renders the rest of the freebies category very user-unfriendly.
    Sigma's avatar
    Sigma Author
    We allow relists of an active deal at the same price (or within a small, less than 5% price drop of that latest price) after two months.

    If the price has dropped more than 5% then the deal can be relisted straight away as a new deal.

    There has been no change in the relist part of the rule - we have always allowed immediate relists if the price has dropped more than 5%.

    The only significant change is the new 2 month relist period, instead of 28 days - if price hasn't dropped, or it has not dropped by not more than 5%.

    If the price increases, then the deal is expired (the 5% price drop only applies to price drops, we don't allow any increases on deal prices). (edited)
  29. Illusionary's avatar
    We allow relists of an active deal at the same price (or within a small, less than 5% price drop of the that latest price) after two months.

    If the price has dropped more than 5% then the deal can be relisted straight away as a new deal.

    There has been no change in the relist part of the rule - we have always allowed immediate relists if the price has dropped more than 5%.

    The only significant change is the new 2 month relist period, instead of 28 days - if price hasn't dropped, or it has not dropped by not more than 5%.

    If the price increases, then the deal is expired (the 5% price drop only applies to price drops, we'd don't allow any increases on deal prices).
    Thanks. I had a suggestion from the mod team previously that there was going to be a change. Should this not be restored to the guidelines for clarity?

    What is the approach if the price gradually drops by <5%, then the combined price drops eventually exceed 5%, e.g., £25 → £24 → £23?
    Rmcstar's avatar
    From what I'm aware, when I asked was this:
    If an item is £25, then £24, then £23 a repost would only be allowed if the price is more than 5% off the £23. Regardless of it being more than 5% off the original deal price
  30. og87's avatar
    I think thats rubbish about number 1. Its helpful knowing whats added to ps plus or disney via hot uk deals. I often miss these and so will lose out by someone not posting. Disappointing
    nickroll's avatar
    See rule 5. Gaming subs allowed, video subs not allowed. For reasons not really explained. So you're half okay at least.
  31. karen.westwkT's avatar
    I’m a 66 year old OAP and I’ve been banned from posting a certain deal.
    Reason is apparently that I have breach rules,
    I either work there =NO I DONT
    I know someone there = NO I DONT
    I have a vested interest = NO I DONT
    Yas_Min's avatar
    I saw someone with 0 comments and 0 deals posts.
    They had a Polish name.
    They then posted a free E book from Amazon written by a Polish name.
    A mod thanked them for posting their first deal lol.
    My comment on the post was deleted for questioning it
  32. SebK's avatar
    Give deal posters an option to turn off comments( like on youtube) as so many are irrelevant and remove cold vote button. People can vote hot or refrain. What is the point of having hot in the name if you allowing cold votes.
    Jonwillis's avatar
    Sorry but I disagree, comments are the most useful part of the site. If comments are off topic the deal poster can report them and they get removed
  33. Estel_Ellessar's avatar
    Genuine suggestion and I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on the matter - Can we agree that public domain books should NEVER be posted unless they have just become public domain. I must have seen Orwell and Shakespeare collections posted at least 20 times this year. It's unnecessary and already free. Surely a post in this regard should only be for books recently made public domain?
    SoperMan's avatar
    If one owns an Amazon Kindle it's easier to "buy" a free ebook from Amazon than to download it from somewhere else. Don't see any harm in posting.
  34.'s avatar
    I've given up posting deals on this site as they are constantly deleted by the mods, usually because they don't like the seller

    Any criticism (especially in the new streaming releases thread) is deleted as they don't like it either.

    I'm mostly a lurker on this site now, and sometimes post feedback on a 'proper' deal where relevant, but there is so much chuff to scroll through these days
  35. RealDonaldTrump's avatar
    Your mods need to stop posting similar deals be it 1p cheaper than the other, it’s become a “my deal is better” mentality with the mods
    the__cat's avatar
    According to their own rules, this isn't allowed unless the cheaper price is more than 5% less. If they are doing it, it makes a mockery of the "rules".
  36. MrCynical's avatar
    Everyone is going round in circles avoiding saying the obvious - this site is a shadow of what it used to be, and it must surely be losing long term visitors hand over fist due to how the mods have destroyed it, by the warping of what is a deal or not etc.
    I used to visit this site several times a day - now, its once a week or so, if I decide to have a look.
    Due to the "jump thru hoops" rules for posters of deals, lots of people now no longer do so as it simply isnt worth the effort, and Im not the only one.
    Yes, websites mostly need to be profitable to survive - I get that, but to have mods acting as gods re comments posted, to clearly ignore their own rules etc.....its hard to swallow.
    RIP HotUKdeals - it was nice knowing you.
    Jason's avatar
    MrCynical indeed

    We've always had a set of guidelines to help our users understand the kind of deals they can post. We've just made more effort since July 2019 to make these guidelines more prominent and easier for our users to understand (they used to be incorporated in the site rules but now they are the Publication Rules).

    These new rules are designed to be more flexible with what we allow so in terms of the deal posters, I would expect them to be happier with these rules than when they were last updated in 2019. As a result, hopefully we'll see more quality deals posted on site.

    People use this site is many different ways and it is clear that you would rather come here for discussion and to see the deals already shared rather than post them. That is totally fine and you are not alone in that.

    As I said earlier, the rules will provide more freedom for the posting of deals so if you want to continue to visit, hopefully you'll find the deals that interest you.
  37. Skullzrulerz's avatar
    "We want deals submitted for the good of the community rather then for personal gain"

    Yet I see that it's the same people posting most of the deals.

    Double Standards
    Dan's avatar
    Hi there. Would be interested to hear more about this - who do you mean as the people who post most of the deals?
  38. 999's avatar
    Not allowed
    • New additions to video or audio streaming services

    Yet, one of the hottest 'deals' of this week is this non-deal, and seemingly rule breaking post about James Bond:…323

    I commented on the post that it should be in discussions as its not a deal, my comment was removed mods. I reported the post and it was ignored.
    Sigma's avatar
    Sigma Author
    To rent some of the Bond movies individually can currently cost £2.49 - £3.49 each to stream on other platforms:…ond

    But Amazon is offering all 25 of the Bond movies to stream as part of its subscription service, and it's a timed offer.

    Current deal temp is 4010° and over 90% of votes cast by members are hot vote (in the 1,000s) so overall members agree.
  39. keeganland's avatar
    Why are games allowed when added to an existing subscription but shows/films are not, when they are basically the exact same thing?
    Sigma's avatar
    Sigma Author
    hi @keeganland we do already allow streaming / subscription offers where a general release movie is available on a timed promotion on one platform - some recent examples below:…323…605…215

    What we wouldn't allow in deals, is in-house content only available on the platform producing the content - so no timed promotion and not available elsewhere on other platforms. Then it could be shared in Discussions. Some examples here :…923…552…058
  40. Muig1972's avatar
    Sometimes comments in threads go off on a tangent, people joke with each other and express their personal views. This can particularly happen when the deal is related to more controversial topics. Some of these are predictable, like when the deal is a book about a divisive political figure, but others are less obvious (e.g. some PS5 and Xbox users like to defend the console of their choice!).
    This is pretty vague. You've stated what happens, and I guess the point is you want to make clear it's OK to do these things? The link to the code of conduct doesn't work.
    Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    I've got to say, the moderation on this site is pretty spot on. It did get a bit heavy handed on lingerie threads when they'd delete some humourous, good natured quips but aside from that I have no issue with the mods, they do a good job...half the fun of the site is the fact its not boring and can be quite funny at times.
  41. RoosterNo1's avatar
    This place is ran like a chapter from 1984, community ? Pah.... The over zealous mods ruin any banter.
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