puddle of mud question

    whats the video called from a few years ago,
    there is like a car crash, and the car i think was on its side while the lead singer was singing beside it
    im sure im on about the right band, the lead singer was like tanned and had dreadlocks

    the song was in the charts and im sure it got to number one


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    hmmm maybe it want puddle of mud

    The song you are thinking about is 'psycho' (the video).

    As far as I know the only songs to make it into the UK charts were 'Blurry' and 'She hates me'.

    A finger of fudge is just enough

    i think the song you're on about is Puddle of Mudd - Control... ]http//uk…w5Y

    Sounds like the POD - Alive video to me.


    Sounds like the POD - Alive video to me.

    Good video that.

    Another good video.…_9o



    Sounds like the POD - Alive video to me.

    me too

    Puddle of Mudd's singer (Wes Scantlin) didnt have dreads

    where as POD's (Sonny Sandoval) did

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    rthats it guys, it was POD Alive what an amazing tune

    thanks alot for everyones help

    nice one

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    Got another one for yeh all

    whats the one where there playing in a band in like a boxing ring and the camera zooms in on certain people in the outside of the ring and it goes to them sitting in there bedroom or just standing there with there friend etc.
    what a cracker of a tune

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    iys ok i got it lol its

    Papa Roach - Last Resort

    You could turn this into a gameshow! Guess the song
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