PUK code from o2 for a Vodafone contract

    I have a Vodafone contract ends in 14 months. If I get a puk code from o2 and give it to Vodafone will they be able to give me the o2 number


    Yes, but it's a PAC code you need, not a PUK code.

    Its not a a PUK code its A PAC code

    Port Authority Code can port across a number at anytime, if anyone is ever refused (ie..we can only do that the first month/only with PAC at order stage) they should lodge a complaint with Ofcom.

    Personal Unlocking Key is when you have a pin on the sim, which if you cannot remember and lock the sim with incorrect tries blocks the sim until PUK is entered, need your PUK ? login to your account or call the telcos customer services.

    You do know that a PAC only lasts 30 days? Just in case you were thinking of getting it now...

    Recently done this, got PAC from O2 which they sent via text. Ordered voda sim and then submitted request online for number to be changed over which should be done tomorrow. O2 sim will go dead tomorrow then when i put my Voda one in number will be switched
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