Pulis offensive to 'different cultures'?!

    Pulis was annoyed by the reaction of Kitson after his substitution at Stamford Bridge but excused Tuncay's petulance the previous week at home to Bolton.
    "Tunny is an exception in some respects because he comes from a different culture and has a different way of being brought up," he added.
    "For British players to act like that, they know what the score is and if anyone has a gripe I've got a manager's room and they can knock on my door and have a chat.

    admittedly, i may be biased having a hatred for Sjoke, but surely he is saying that Turkish people are brought up to be rude...



    I dont think he's saying they are brought up to be rude, just that they are less civilised. I know our football fans have a bad reputation.... but have you seen their fans?

    Are you saying " People from all cultures are brought up the same " ?.
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