Pull the other one.

Urgently need to get 150 Christmas Crackers for our children's club on Saturday. Anyone seen any in the shops still? Or where else can you get christmas crackers when it's not christmas?!


what area are you in ?

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Bradford / Leeds area.

Gotta be some wholesalers around that area that have them stacked in the back of the warehouse.
Some phone calls I reckon. Look through the yellow pages or Google.

Leaving it a bit late mate !!

Our large Boots had some the other day but were selling them at 90% off so might have gone by now.
What about party poppers instead, they go bang.

there's a list here shieldsy:

When you speak to the first one if they say no ask them if they can recommend anyone ??

Original Poster

Excellent! Cheers hottoshop. Of to the wholesalers later. Obvious really!

Would leave you some rep but it's not letting me ... says I need to spread some rep around before hand (whatever that means).

Last minute ... you aint seen nothing ... lastminute.com are amateurs compared to me!

Happy Christmas Shieldsy! :santa:
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