Pulp "it" vinyl

    Hello all

    My mom and dad have recently both been made redundant. (both worked at the same place, was a drugs rehabilitation clinic for heroin addicts but they lost the tenders to a bigger nationwide one) they have been looking for things to sell and I found in there house a record by pulp called IT. It's pulp's 1st album in 1983 and there were only ever 2000 of the records produced. It's In mint condition but the trouble is I cant find info on the net as too how much it is worth. I can't find it on eBay so I was wondering if anyone new where I could find out it's value and where best to advise them to sell it ( if it's worth anything) as I don't want to say put it on eBay and them get next too nothing as nobody bids on it. Any advice would be massively appreciated.

    Thanks all


    price on this site is £54.00 hope that helps

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    Cheers, was hoping it would be worth a bit more for them but bot bad. Thanks again
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