Pumping Iron 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

    Looking to get back the gym and want this all time classic for some inspiration, so does anyone know where to find the best deal for it?


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    any ideas guys??

    as a start, £15 ]here.

    There's plenty on youtube that gets me in the mood to lift.

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    Nice one, thats a good deal but they haven't got any available to buy gutted!!! on the list for when it comes in tho unless i can find one sooner! good shout anyway tho buddy

    wanna try and get it soon cos i'll be back in the gym early jan and i've got a few competitions i'm gonna be chasing to win again!!

    oh yeah? What competitions?

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    depends on how quickly most of my old muscle comes back but as i've won 2 mr britains and placed very highly in mr universe twice also i'll be looking to get back to a similar standard then improve upon it altho i am spending more time training up others now than i used to

    nice work, out of interest what is your name? PM me if you dont want everyone knowing :P

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    thanks mate, pm sent
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