puppy 6 weeks old

    Looking to buy a puppy, but the owner needs to get sell him asap as they are having difficulties looking after him. Unfortunatley she said she will sell it to the first people who go see him, so regardless of his age, they're going to sell him! I know they are meant to be with their mothers till 8 weeks but at least I know if I bought the puppy he would be looked after properly! How bad is it to but a puppy at 6 weeks old?


    Don't buy a puppy at 6 weeks old. It's not ready to leave it's mother at that age. Report them to the RSPCA.

    If you buy it, you're as irresponsible as they are for selling it.

    8 weeks is an absolute minimum - but longer is better.
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    Report them.

    As above. You have to ask yourself why are they so anxious to get rid of the pup? There may be serious health issues which they wish to offload, or something plain dodgy. It sounds callous in the extreme.

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    Apprently she's just given birth and any handle looking after both


    Apprently she's just given birth and any handle looking after both

    Then she should have been more responsible and not allowed the dog to get pregnant in the first place.

    The pup is under developed, you could just be buying yourself a massive problem.

    If she can't look after them both, they should both be taken from her until the pup is big enough to leave the mother.

    If the mother can't handle it they should be hand rearing it but still keeping it around its litter mates etc. Removing them too soon can cause behavioural problems as they learn a lot from their littermates and mother.
    Is this a pure breed pup? If so has it been properly health checked etc as if it's coming to you at 6 weeks then it's unlikely to have been wormed or anything and too young to be vaccinated either. If it's not a pure bred puppy then is this a person who has just decided to breed their two dogs for money or were they irresponsible and their female got caught? Either way it reeks of irresponsibility and not the kind of person you want to buy dog from.
    If it's not pure bred, animal shelters such as Dogs Trust do have puppies but you're usually on a short waiting list, but at least you know it'll have been fully vet checked and you'll get a voucher for free neutering, plus if any behavioural issues arise they will help you because you got the dog from them.

    That is disgusting behaviour. Please report them to the RSPCA so that mum and pups can be taken away and cared for properly. Separating an immature pup from it mum can have detrimental effects on both the pup and mum. Please do the right thing. Irresponsible breeders such as these need to be put down. Name and shame and prosecute. Disgraceful.

    Too many people have pets without thinking N about what having a pet means, it means sacrifice, you have to give any pets your time/love and affection.

    I have 2 kats atm but had so many pets in my house growing up and now as an adult, my dog of 12yrs old died 3 yrs ago and I still haven't got over it, I still get choked up seeing videos of her in the park or at the canal with me, good times.

    Some people just take pets for granted, I don't call them pets normally but by their name as they are equal family members.

    Anyway... Report the people selling/giving away, it's the right thing to do.

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    Yeah will look into reporting first thing tomorrow.

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    I think it will be too late for them to do anything though. If I report them and they have all ready sold them surely they won't be able to get them back

    I have bought a puppy at six weeks before; and while not ideal he was absolutely fine and has been the healthiest of all three of my dogs

    people treating animals like a commodity very bad



    people treating animals like a commodity very bad

    Even the most well looked after & bred dogs are there for the breeders to make money.

    It's far from ideal circumstances, and the owner should actually call rspca themselves if they're struggling to look after bitch and pup(s?). If I read the post correctly the owner has just given birth as well, so obviously a stressful time all round. No point in trying to blame her for getting the timing wrong, doesn't help anyone.
    The pup and its mum would be better off together for the next few weeks at least and rather than making money out of the situation the owner should be thinking of the welfare of the animals, the rspca could rehome both dogs.

    You also run the risk that the puppy is actually from a puppy farm, and the I can't look after him is just to pull on your heartstrings so you take him to make way for the next puppy to be sold.
    If genuine, she should contact the RSPCA or any other local dog rescue, who could arrange for a short term fostering of the adult dog and pup. Also is there only one puppy, what happened to the rest of the litter?
    I do understand you wanting to take the dog early as you know it would have a good home with you, but if it is just a front for unscrupulous breeders, you put more puppies at risk in the future by doing so.
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    Yeah trying going to report it today.

    Definitely not right & we had 2 litters from our dog. Had all the tests and health checks done, the costs mount as does the pleasure. It was heart wrenching letting them go, we kept one & my sister kept the "swimmer" (she continously fed and moved little). Vets occasionally put swimmers down but watching 24/7, limiting milk intake and some holes in a few clothes fixed the problem. We've kept in touch and met up with 6 of the 7 pups we sold to others, gutted about the 7th.
    This breeder seems uncaring and in it for money.
    We would never have released a puppy before 8 weeks and i know others who keep them to 12.

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    Phoned her just now and she has sold them, I'm hoping the rspca can do something. Looking closely at the pictures there was a couple more puppies which may still be there



    Phoned her just now and she has sold them, I'm hoping the rspca can do … Phoned her just now and she has sold them, I'm hoping the rspca can do something. Looking closely at the pictures there was a couple more puppies which may still be there

    Just report her & leave it at that.

    Report them to the RSPCA or PM me the details and I will.
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