Found 27th Jan 2008
10 month old Border Collie bitch missing from Newport, South Wales area. She was last seen on 17th November but owners have been looking every where for her.

She is mostly black and white with a few pale brown areas.

Exceptionally friendly and loves playing fetch. It is thought someone might have picked her up and kept her but she is microchipped so if you or someone you know has found a Border Collie please take them to the vets to be scanned (they will do this for free). You should also contact the local dog warden.

Please go to and search for Seren to see the details of the dog and to help join the search!

Many thanks

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I would be out of my mind if it was mine, so i wish you every success in finding her. Good luck x

My father lives in st julians, and if it wasnt for the fact i havent spoken to him in 10years i'd phone him and ask if he'd seen your dog!

hope you find her!

Hopefully not the case in this instance but this dognapping problem seems to be reaching epidemic now.

Time for much higher penalties and better detection rates i think ??


Good luck with the searching!

I had thought this time it was another spoof posting like the one a few days ago!…spx

It's quite expensive (it is a business, not a charity) but the Lost Dogs department are real animal nuts and will try their best to help.

Original Poster

thanks for you support. not its def not a spoof. even the cat misses her! i have wondered if she was dog-napped as she was well known in the area as we used to walk her in the local park where she would fetch ball for hours and the kids used to come over and join in. we put up loads of posters but sadly and very annoyingly people kept ripping them down and we dont have an endless supply of money and time to keep replacing them.

How sad,I hope she found soon.


Surely when the dog is eventually taken to the vets it will be scanned... … Surely when the dog is eventually taken to the vets it will be scanned... and the vet will confiscate if not inform you?

I've no doubt dognapping is well organised nowadays, it's a very high profit crime, and as such I should think these criminals have access to bent vets etc, etc.

It's a sad world in these sort of situations. :x

I hope she is found safe and well soon


I hope she is found safe and well soon

Me too... Lots of luck xx

Original Poster

dogs aren't automatically scanned by the vet anyway. only if they are informed that it is a stray will they scan it. also dog wardens and police dont always scan either. i was reading about a case where the police picked up a stray and it was taken to the pound and it was only after it was rehomed that anyone scanned it. the new owner then had to return the poor animal to its original owner!
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