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Found 14th Feb 2011
Just had injection and due to have anioher on thursday,when is it safe to take them for a walk
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depends what you injected into them i guess.
after the second injection The vet should of told you the information whilst you were there
when you feel comfortable wearing a bra again
Two weeks after 2nd injection our vets says.
isant there supposed to be a 4wk gap between the injections???

isant there supposed to be a 4wk gap between the injections???

I live in the UK, my Yellow Lab puppy was born last April. He had 2 injections, one at 8 weeks and the second at 12 weeks. They cost £26.96 each. When he had his 2nd injection, he was also micro chipped, cost £25.
two weeks after this he was allowed to walk in the park
Varies from Vet. to Vet. Average is 2 weeks after 2nd puppy vaccination.
Our Maisey got her second one today.Gets another in a few days.Vet told us it was a week after that.
First Some Information About Puppy Vaccinations We Think You Should Know About! In this practice we do not believe that there is a vaccination course that can be completed before the puppy reaches 12 weeks of age. We do not believe that a vaccine course exists that is better that 80% effective when the final injection is given before the puppy is 12 weeks. We think the chances of any vaccine failing to give protection when given to the puppy before 12 weeks of age is too high being 20% or more – this means one puppy in 5 will not be protected.
Further details and explanations for this can be found at our website at petcarepractice.com/pup…tml. It is our belief that early finish vaccination courses (that is, those that end before 12 weeks of age - usually at 10 weeks), reflect competition between vaccine manufacturers rather than protection of puppies’ health. All three of our courses involve two injections of vaccine with a minimum gap between them of 3 weeks, the final injection being given no earlier than 12 weeks of age, and the first injection no younger than 6 weeks old.
8 and 12 weeks Is our policy, again varies from vet. To vet.
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