Purchase Monitor from Samsung or Currys? Which Is Better For Warranty Claims

Posted 26th Jan 2023
Would it be better to buy a monitor direct from Samsung Online or go to another retailer such as Currys Online?

Interested to hear your experiences

Both same price, offfer 2 years warranty, but just trying to figure out which one has better after care and warranty claim
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    Frankly given all the comments I've seen on here regarding Currys' after-care service you'd be better buying off my mate Dave down the pub than from Currys so I would say direct from Samsung probably has the edge, but only slightly.
    Samsung are dreadful as well imo I’ve had better treatment in curry’s than Samsung but both are bad 
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    Both? There's three or four merchants matching that criteria:
    Currys (online + physical stores)
    Samdung Experience Stores = Partner Retail Services Limited
    Samdung online store = Samdung Electronics (UK) Limited
    Note Samdung online store also hilariously quotes another merchant name responsible for privacy: "Samdung Samdung Electronics (UK) Ltd" archive.ph/HFSjr

    Based on proliferation of stores and related "best" opportunity to embarrass legislation-ignorant store sales / CS staff to obtain a result:
    bizarrely combination of Currys + UK regulated credit, so excludes PayPal Credit.
    Updated post to reflect.

    Iirc Samsung Experience dont deal with Monitors, only their online store do

    But this post pertains to Currys Online + Samsung Online
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    Never had a single issue with Currys online, others have though. One thing i do know Samsung and Service are two words that simply do not go together. I had 2 brand new QLED flagship TV's that had to back with QC issues and i ordered a £300 microwave that turned up with a bent chassis. Best just sticking to mobile products with Samsung.
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    Does it have to be either of them? Can it be another one?
    Unfortunately yes. Expensive everywhere else for some reason
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    can i first ask why it has to be a samsung monitor their is planty of good monitors out their....

    and i saw your comment about the price difference but i would honestly say it worth spending a bit extra to avoid currys
    i have had nothing but nightmares with them.
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    PC world / curry's you will lucky ever getting a refund I would definitely avoid.
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