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Purchased a car, wrong info about previous owners....

Posted 30th Sep 2020
Hi, so basically my Mum bought a used car less than a week ago from a national dealership. It was a ford for £7500 and I confirmed with the salesman (who was new to the garage) that the number of previous was 1. With 40k miles on the clock and the general condition of the car 1 previous owners made sense. Anyway a week later the logbook arrived and it says 2 previous owners. I dont think the salesman 'llied' but he deffo told me wrong. I went to see them and I now have a meeting in a few days with the manager to discuss it. What I want to know is am I right to demand some money back because I was missold in regards to previous owners and what would you do? The price for the car was very decent already tbh, but it was annoying to know its not 1 previous owner as he said twice to me. I know the salesman say that number of previous owners doesnt affect the value of a car, but we all know it does.
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