Purchased a wii from argos home delivery - no reciept

Found 9th Jul 2008
Hi guys

Purchased a wii from argos, delivered ok, but no reciept.

Is this normal?

do i get a reciept?
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How about an invoice?
Did you get an e-mail - reciept?
no i recieved nothing!

Still got the label, i shall ask them to send one
You don't get a receipt, or a email one. They will have the order on the system, and the delivery lable will have details about it being the receipt so keep it.

You can get a written one by emailing them, or calling requesting a VAT receipt (They have to provide one by law).

It will arrive in around a week via letter.

I just emailed and received one no problems, but in general they will not send one unless you say it is for VAT purposes.
I think the confirmation email would contain the receipt but for your peace of mind request a written copy for guarantee purposes.
i use to work for the stupid company just go into a store and if you got it deliverd they can track it by phoning up argos direct to make sure you paid for the item. thats if something is wrong with the wii it shudnt be shud it??
Just had my Wii Fit delivered today. The label on the outer bag is your receipt. Says on it "this label should be kept as proof of purchase".
should be in your email. did a email not come to you when you ordered?
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