Purchasing house private/unadapted road

Posted 18th Oct 2020
Went to view a property yesterday which is on a private/unadapted road. I would’ve made an offer yesterday but by the time I finished all the viewings they had closed.

I’ve google pros and cons of unadopted roads therefore decided to visit the area again today and hang around till dark. There was a lamp post opposite the first property though light was not strong enough to reach beyond property 3+.

There are 7 properties on the road, the one I’m keen on is property 5 from 7.

I’m sure they resident would’ve previous attempted to get them installed and deemed to expensive however didn’t think of this at the time as expectation was all roads have lamp posts.

The absence of street light from a safety and security point is something I can not see past and at the same time I feel gutted I will probably pass up making the offer.

My question is, is it possible to get a lamppost install either on the property or outside of it at my expense or even entering a wayleave agreement to have one installed or am I better off walking away?
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