Purchasing samsung galaxy note 4 sim question

    Probably a stupid question! I'm getting a new contract for samsung galaxy note 4, I shall be selling the phone but using the sim in my iphone 5. Are they the same sims? Will this work? Thanks!


    no theyre not, the iphone sim is a nano sim. the note 4 takes a micri sim which is bigger. you might want to order a replacement. or go to the store to get the microsim . they might charge you for this. around ten pounds

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    Oh I see, I'm glad I asked now. As I'm ordering online can I request a nano sim? Or if not can they change it to a nano sim on the same day? Thank you

    iphone 5 nano sim
    samsung galaxy note 4 Micro-SIM type

    that google site sure is handy

    or get an adapter from ebay for a quid or so
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    I looked at google but thought double checking would be good FYI pffft hence the ASK

    I have just looked at converter tools think il pick one of these up, thanks again

    you already have a nano sim, you need a microsim for the note 4. you could just go to your networks store and ask for a micro sim instead of the nano sim that you have

    by the way. note 4 , AWESOME PHONE

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    I know I have a nano sim but as I'm selling the note 4 then i won't want the micro sim they provide me with hence will need a tool to convert to a nano- I think this is correct.
    To be quite honest, I'm looking for the most expensive phone to sell on the cheapest contract!

    oh my bad, i think you need to get the micro replaced then as the micro is bigger and getting it cut isnt recommended. and as the contract is done online i doubt you can request a nano sim as the phone bought with it needs a micro. just take the sim into store and ask for a nano sim.

    I would rather have the note4 than the iphone but each to his or her own. incidentally how are you selling the note on here?

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    I was going to put collection only on ebay or gumtree! Thanks all
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