PureGym closure due to COVID19

Posted 21st Mar
Hi all

My gym has just been closed today due to COVID19. I have only recently just joined and paid a month upfront. The gym are advising me there is nothing I need to do payment will not be taken until the gym re opens. But do I have a right to get a full or partial refund for the first month I have already been charged for. It’s PureGym.
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I also recently joined with PureGym... I froze my subscription 2 days ago. I believe they have systems in place to make sure we're not out of pocket.
I’ve paid a year upfront at JD GYM. according to the email they will give back the time owed when they reopen
Probably, use live chat to speak to em.
I'm also a Pure Gym member and feel they have been very considerate in the current situation. The will credit your account with any payments already made and will make the necessary adjustments to ensure you're not out of pocket. They also won't charge you any more payments whilst they're closed.

They're also going to be offering workouts and classes online during the time they're closed so you will have access to these if you wish to continue to work out.

The email I received states that
"You won’t pay while your gym is closed Following Government instruction, we have temporarily closed our gyms.We have automatically stopped your payments so there is nothing for you to do. When your gym is back open, we will credit your first payment with any outstanding amount from your current monthly subscription.If your next payment is due in the next few days this may already have been sent for by your bank. We will therefore credit your 1st monthly payment with this amount in full when we reopen. For any member on a fixed term membership, we will extend the length of your membership by the amount we are closed.

We're still here to help our members. That’s why next week we will be bringing you PureGym Home; an exciting range of workouts, on-demand classes, and ideas for nutrition and wellbeing through our app. Look out for more details next week.

Well done and thank you Pure Gym
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